Why East Valley CrossFit?

I was coming from a job interview when I walked into East Valley CrossFit for the first time. August was with the competitors coaching split cleans, a lift I had never done before, so I was instantly intrigued. None of the athletes looked like they needed the instruction but all of them listened attentively anyway. After his explanation of the movement he introduced himself while still keeping an eye on the athletes as they lifted. We had a good talk while I observed the class. I’ve dropped-in to about 30 CrossFit gyms and even owned one myself for a few years so I have some experience but this is another level.

One thing he said stood out the most from our 15 minute conversation.

We do ok. The gym is able to employ multiple people full-time.

August was not bragging. This was a statement from a man grateful for the opportunity to help others and who has done such a good job of it, he can hire more people – expanding his web even further. He could’ve bragged about how many times the gym has sent a team to Regionals (5) or the Games (1). He could’ve mentioned his National Records in Olympic Weightlifting. He could’ve said the number of members, how much profit, or anything but instead he showed humility and class and that’s who I want to train with – so I joined.

A week or two into working out with EVCF, we had push presses in the workout. I was doing something wrong on my dip portion of the lift so August calmly walked over to help me out. First he complimented me on my rack position, then gave me the correction and cue to fix my push press, complimented me again and watched me perform the movement correctly. Textbook coaching. He sandwiched the correction with reminders of what I was doing right. This shows me he works on his craft of coaching in addition to being a great athlete. This also shows he respects human nature and wants to communicate effectively so each athlete learns, not just show how much he knows. I knew I made the right choice.

EVCF is a serious gym but doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Try not to embarrass us” is the phrase used to show support when athletes are going to compete somewhere. They even made a banner for it!

misspelled for irony

Despite all the accolades, EVCF has a sense of humor about itself. Most of the members are regular folks just trying to get a little better (or not get worse). You can get to the Games, or you can keep up with your grandkids. This gym is what CrossFit is all about. I’ve only spoken of August but the rest of the training staff is equally as impressive. As I mentioned, for most of the coaches this is a full-time career. I can’t thank those guys and ladies enough for what they do.

In summary, if you’re looking for World Class coaching from humble people in a fun, supportive community, East Valley CrossFit the place.


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